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Your Second Brain

Your Second Brain

This Notion Template is an all-in-one life management tool that helps you manage tour tasks, projects, and all the areas of your life. Purchasing this tool includes:

  • The “Your Second Brain” Template ($129 value)

  • Essential Tools for Self-Actualization Database with hours of exclusive videos, meditations, guides, and practice templates ($149 value)

  • BONUS: My custom-made Notion Sales and Leads Tracker for healers, coaches, and freelancers ($79 value)

  • BONUS: Custom-written Connection and Sales Scripts for taking on new clients ($99 Value)

  • Email and Loom Video support to implement this tool in your life (Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround except on weekends)

  • Access to a 90-minute live group coaching call in the next month where we workshop applying this framework to our individual lives and you can ask questions ($199 value)

  • Every update I EVER publish for all of the tools above

  • Licensing Info

    You cannot, under any circumstances, share this template with anyone else. That is a breach of trust and is against the law.

$149.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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