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Why would I want to work with The Gene Keys?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

By bringing awareness and wholeness to our unique unconscious victim patterns and integrating them into our unique gifts, The Gene Keys levels up everyone who works with it.

The work is an integration of ancient wisdom and modern science. The Gene Keys stands on the shoulders of its predecessor, Human Design, in modernizing the ancient Chinese IChing, and takes it a step further. By integrating Epigenetics and Quantum Physics with ancient wisdom, we have a synthesis oozing with wholeness.

The Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile - My Activation Sequence

If you are ready to show up differently, more authentically, and as the most empowered version of yourself, this work is for you. So many people are sick of seeing the same stories play out in their lives over and over again. Do you want to show up better for yourself? For your family and community? Do you want to serve the collective through the embodiment of your purpose?

This is the most practical guide to our shadows and gifts that I know of. The Gene Keys provides a map and names for the parts of ourselves that keep us a victim to our subconscious patterns. They allow us to relax into a shared linguistic framework, one in which we are able to name our shadows, gifts, and Siddhis (Superpowers), and learn how to integrate them into our experience. Here’s (basically) how it works:

There are 64 Gene Keys. Each Gene Key has three layers of frequency. A shadow, a gift, and a siddhi. Depending upon when you were born, you will have different ones activated in any of the different spheres. For example, the Gene Key that occupies the sphere of my Life’s Work is the 52nd Gene Key. This Gene Key has the shadow of Stress, the gift of Restraint, and the siddhi of Stillness. The placement of the Sun within the 64 gene keys determines Life’s Work.

The Gene Keys approach comes into play now. There are 4 pillars: Patience, Gentleness, Inquiry, and Contemplation. Above all, the Gene Keys is giving you a license to slow down, take a pause, and breathe. The first step in the Art of Contemplation is to pause. In these pauses, we allow space for insights to flourish, especially when our contemplation is framed around a particular gene key. These tools are your best allies on this journey.

The “work” of the Gene Keys is walking The Golden Path. This is important. This is not just another "soul print". You have to actually do this, although it is a subtle doing. This consists of 3 sequences. The first sequence is called the Activation Sequence and is about stepping into our 4 Prime Gifts and activating our unique genius. The second sequence is the Venus Sequence, which allows us to learn how to return “non-love” with love, as we dive into our relationship shadow pattern and our childhood conditioning. The third sequence is the Pearl Sequence, which empowers prosperity and activism.

Patience is the key here. The Gene Keys comes alive in your life, not in your mind. As you contemplate a particular Gene Key over time, you will notice it playing out in your life, and your awareness of these patterns will begin to give them space to breathe. This space allows us to eventually pivot when we experience a trigger, and break the cycle of shadows feeding off of shadows.

The Art of Contemplation is the most important technique to learn when working with the Gene Keys. This may sound like a mental practice, but, in truth, it is one of deep cellular embodiment. We begin to level up. Our lives level up.

As you walk the Golden Path, there is support for you. They have created some very beautiful online courses that I highly recommend. It can be helpful to get support 1 on 1 as well, and I do offer that for my clients. It can be very helpful to be guided by someone who has done this work and knows the terrain, language, and how it feels to be immersed in this stream of wisdom.

I hope you have found this helpful. To learn more, I invite you to visit and get your free profile and listen to the audio of your Life’s Work. If something is calling you in deeper, listen to that. This is really empowering work, as we begin to learn how to embrace our shadows and unlock our creative potential trapped inside.

Every shadow contains a gift. If you ignore your shadows, you are ignoring your power.

I guide my clients through the portal of The Golden Path, and I invite you to schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.


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