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How Do I Learn More About Myself Through Human Design?

Working with Human Design teaches us to claim our uniqueness and decondition from the homogenized world.

Human Design is hot. Coaches, facilitators, and Instagram influencers are all jumping on the train for good reason. It synthesizes Astrology, Iching, Yoga, Kabbalah, and Biology into a simple and potent transmission.

Even though its parts are complex, what we do with them is very simple. Follow your strategy and authority. Be aware of the not-self themes of your open centers. Following those simple steps can go a long way in reclaiming the rights of the body from the mind.

The Experiment

Ra, the messenger of the Human Design synthesis will be the first to point out: "Don't believe a word I say, try it out for yourself". This is knowledge that we can experiment and participate in within every interaction, and that is where it comes alive. When people talk about their work with Human Design, many say, "I am 4 years into my experiment".

Each of the 4 types has a Strategy, and everyone has an Authority, or how they make decisions. The experiment is to try these things out and notice what happens.

The Fundamental Axioms

Human Design assumes that the mind is not an adequate decision-making tool, because it is not designed to make decisions. It is currently where our awareness resides, and the mind is an incredible tool for recognizing patterns and filtering information. It does not make decisions, though.

Have you ever resolved to make a decision with your mind and not followed through?

There could be two reasons for this: Either it was not the correct decision for you and your body is pulling you in opposition to it, or the decision needed to be made in an embodied way. What this means is that the mind literally cannot make a decision. We try to make a decision, but we are so disconnected from our bodies that we cannot use our physical nature to decide.

Not only is it unwise to make decisions with the mind, but it is also actually impossible.

We also assume that we are living in a highly conditioned way. Because our world asks us to fit in so we can continue with the progress machine, uniqueness is frowned upon and discouraged, sometimes unconsciously. Often, people do not "resonate" with their Human Design profile. One explanation for this is that they are living in a way that is so heavily conditioned that they do not recognize the person they were designed to be.

The deconditioning process, one of the purposes of Human Design, takes at least 7 years of experimentation.

The 4 Types

Human Design has a few revolutionary contributions. One is that we can actually speak to and discern between specific Auras and the way they behave. There are 4 mechanical patterns to Auras, and those mechanics determine optimal strategy. Let's define Aura, loosely, as the electromagnetic field created by the body that surrounds the body.

The 4 types are Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector. Generators make up roughly 2/3 of the global population. Projectors are roughly 20%, Manifestors make up 10%, and Reflectors are around 1%.

I do not intend to speak to them here. I have included a link below that has organized authoritative, free resources for you to dig in more deeply. You may see a qualifier such as "Manifesting" Generator. There are some behavioral differences here, but the aura mechanics remain the same.


Human Design also shows us how we make decisions best, and provides us with an innate mechanism that we can filter decisions through so that we can act free from conditioning.

Some people need time. Some people listen to their "gut". Some need to hear themselves talk.

Working with Authority takes practice, and you can experiment with authority as radically as you prefer.

Where do I Start?

This google sheet should be more than enough to get you started. It contains the best places to get your unique bodygraph, as well as resources to dig in more deeply. There are pieces like Centers, Definition, Gates, and Channels that can be useful to look into.

I recommend getting your bodygraph, and starting with the Youtube Videos by John Martin of HD Hawaii. The Sound cloud talks by Ra are essential, yet they contain some jargon that you will learn the more you work with it.

I would avoid sourcing from influencers on Instagram or YouTube. You just cannot know their credentials, and there is a lot of distorted information circulating. Jovian Archive and International Human Design School provide many educational opportunities, yet they are not free. You get what you pay for.

I have linked the only book I personally recommend in the resource document, The Definitive Book of Human Design. This will have everything you need in one place, and reading it this way forces you to digest things slowly, which is more impactful often.

What about "Readings"?

If you want a reading, those can be very helpful. I teach my clients how to integrate the essential parts of Human Design into their lives and I use the concepts to interact with them optimally. I do not do "readings" per se. If you are interested in a reading, I recommend going to Jovian Archive online and looking up their list of Certified Analysts.

It is useful for a coach or guide to understand sources of conditioning (open centers), how to ask you for decisions (authority), and recognize expression anchored in your essence vs conditioning. That is the magic of Human Design within my programs.

If you are interested in working with a coach who integrates Human Design as one of many lenses to see you clearly, set up a consult!


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