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8 Week Empower Your Purpose 1:1 Intensive

What if you could change everything, without changing anything?

What if you could eliminate these from your world?


"I don't know if I'm making the right choice"

Weak Boundaries

"I don't know what I need"


"I don't want to miss out on something fun or life changing"

And Live from this place instead?


"I know I am on the right path"


"I believe in the work in front of me"


"That's not in alignment, I'll pass"

You don't have to quit your job

You don't have to end your relationship

You don't even have to change your habits

Everything can change, without changing a thing 

8 Week Empower Your Purpose 1:1 Intensive

What do You Get?

8 1:1 Calls in 8 Weeks
Schedule them when it's convenient for you. I guarantee we will find a time. This is my life for 8 weeks

Text and Email Access
Text me with any questions, anytime.

Personalized Progress Report
Halfway through, I'll share my reflections and what I notice

Easy, High Leverage Practices
I've tried everything, and I know what works. I'll share my organized table of ways to get the most out of your precious time

Guaranteed Clarity
If you don't get what you came for, I will work with you until you do. You must show up for at least 6 of 8 sessions to qualify for this guarantee

Accountability Reminders
Each week, I'll remind you to schedule your session so you don't have to think about it.

Andy helped me uncover my core drivers and values. This Process has been essential for my personal development

Trevor Burrow, PhD Cancer Researcher

What, exactly are we doing during these 50-minute calls?

You're telling me about the highs and lows of your life.


Each week, we get through 3 "stories"

Then we look very closely at what was happening

How did you feel?

What was at stake for you?

What does that mean for you?

We break everything down to what we know for sure

And then we tie everything back together again to create a statement of purpose that connects your heart and mind


If you've already got a career, but you're looking to do more meaningful work...

If you're building a business from your heart...

If you know life is calling you into action, but you're not sure how to get there...

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