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My name is Andy

My work is to empower others to live with passion and purpose, so that together we can embody what is sacred to us.

I've tried and worked with EVERYTHING. I started with Sound Baths and Astrology and my work has evolved to clarify purpose, values, goals, intention, and priorites

I call these the 5 levels of clarity. Deeper clarity at each level impacts our day to day life dramatically.

Why is this work essential to me?

I believe that everyone has a unique purpose and yearns to actualize that purpose. I believe that purpose is intrinsically of service to all and supports the actualization of human potential. I believe that life wants to live passionately and that passion is our guide. I believe that we are supposed to live alive.


My gift is that I can see people clearly. I listen and am always working to understand the world of the person in front of me. I recognize what is essential in your story and I bring it to the surface so that we can empower it to lead the way.

Working together, we resource a new vision that empowers purpose, passion, and self-actualization so that we courageously and joyfully share our gifts with the world.

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